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5 Go-To Lipsticks For Everyday

Say it with me, “all nudes are not created equal” and “everyday is not for red.” Years ago I used to be afraid to wear color on my lips. From the incessant comments doled at me about their size, I was convinced that chapstick was all I should be wearing. Thankfully I’ve silenced the haters of my past and learned that dressing up my pretty pout can brighten your face and complete a look. Today I’ve rounded up 5 go to shades that should keep on hand so you have exactly what you’re looking for when the time comes.

For a long while wearing nude lipstick meant only being able to choose from shades that would have my lips looking as we say in the Black community – ashy. Or worse, like the Dave Chappele character, Tyrone Biggums. Do you have that vision in your head? White ashen mouths are not welcome here. Needless to say it took me a while before I locked in on some options that passed the test. I will say these choices may not cover the gamut for all of you beauties but these have proven to be tried and true for me.

The Hautemommie - Style. Life. Motherhood. Done Chicly.

MAC Cosmetics – Shade: Stone

There was a look every Black women in film wore in the 90s. Think Nia Long in Love Jones. A dark, moody brown lipstick that definitely said, “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit.” This stone lip color from MAC is just that. Wearing it I instantly felt the sensuality of a deep poet in a film. Yes, it’s that serious, accept it. What I also love about Stone is that it can be layered with gloss and even used to create an ombre effect with a lighter or darker color. The possibilities are endless with this.
The Hautemommie - Style. Life. Motherhood. Done Chicly.

Smashbox Liquid Lipstick – Shade: In Demand

I first learned about this shade from a fellow lifestyle blogger who swears by it. Often pairing it with MAC’s classic brown lip liner, Chestnut, it’s a great matte pick. The thing I enjoy about this choice is that it has a fullness in pigment without having to apply too many layers. I can be bright but when worn with liner, it definitely is easily toned down. I also have found that it provides a great base for an ombre look if that’s your taste as well. It can be drying though so be sure to add a base of chapstick before application.

The Hautemommie - Style. Life. Motherhood. Done Chicly.

MAC Cosmetics – Shade: Mineralize Rich Glamour Era

I’ve learned over the years these things about a red lip – it can either give the finishing touch to a look or make you look like you do illicit favors at 8am. The difference is all in the richness of the shade. With this Glamour Era red it provides a touch of depth that will make your lips seem just kissed. If you’re doing a light makeup day but still want a finishing touch, this shade of red can certainly handle the task. It’s soft and has a slight sheen finish a great alternative to Ruby Woo or NARS Dragon.
The Hautemommie - Style. Life. Motherhood. Done Chicly.

The Hautemommie - Style. Life. Motherhood. Done Chicly.

MAC Cosmetics – Shade: Touch

If you haven’t noticed by now, MAC is a major provider in all my lip needs. For a long time I leaned to pinky mauves and found that I was never quite getting the look I was longing for. Lately I’ve moved on from trying to find the perfect pink nude and have started opting for brown hues. This Touch shade from MAC is a great base for the glossy lip. Normally I pair this with a gloss and I’m good to go!
The Hautemommie - Style. Life. Motherhood. Done Chicly.

MAC Cosmetics – Shade: Creme In Your Coffee

Another blogger recommended shade here. Surprisingly this came from a blogger who isn’t of the melanin family so I wasn’t sure that the color would look as good on me as it did her. However a true testament to the excellence of MAC is that the brand does provide shades that work well on a myriad of complexions. This color is a great pinkish color that is nude enough to not frighten someone who isn’t ready to go full pink. While giving a freshness that you want in a lipstick you always keep in your purse. If you’re longing for a color for daily wear – this is it.

I hope you find something right up your alley because every girl should have a lipstick that makes her feel her best. With five here to choose from, there’s bound to be one with your name on it!

Let me know what you scoop up for yourself!



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  1. Autum says:

    I love Mac’s matte lipstick even though they tend to dry out my lips, they last all day!

    • Hey Autum!
      Yes that can certainly happen, but I usually base my lips with a good moisturizer like Bite’s Agave lip balm to combat that dryness, check it out. Thanks for reading!


  2. Francesca says:

    I used to wear Mac lipsticks all the time… But I haven’t in awhile. I’ve been obsessed with my Anastasia Liquid Lippies. I would love to see these MAC Lippies swatched!

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