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*This post is written in partnership with Basic Invite; all thoughts and reviews are my own*

Last year was the first year I felt like an actual adult, because I sent out holiday cards. I’m talking full on photo shoot to make it happen. Though it was a lot at six months pregnant – I loved it. Now I’m thinking I may go full on Kris Jenner and do this every year! No matter how hard you’re judging me right now, the truth is everyone loves to receive snail mail that isn’t a bill or junk. Thanks to Basic Invite adulting and the holidays can be done easy!

The Hautemommie - A Mama Who Keeps Chic In Everything

 I’ve always been big on stationary, it’s obviously the writer in me. Pretty paper, lined envelopes, and great pens; honestly it’s the way to my heart. Sadly writing letters to friends died out in high school but I still would love if I got more cards and notes from time to time. Luckily Basic Invite, is a full scope invitation and stationary design service that allows you almost unlimited color choices and instant previews on their site. Which means there won’t be any confusion about what you’re ordering. You can plug in photos, text, and be as fancy or simple with your design as you wish. I’m one for shine so I think the foil options are perfect making your holiday card stand out on the family fridge, get started on your photo personalized Christmas cards.

The Hautemommie - A Mama Keeping Chic in Everything!The Hautemommie - A Mama Keeping Chic In Everything!The Hautemommie - A Mama Keeping Chic In Everything!

Gorgeous golds and twinkling silvers are great for me as someone who celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah. They pair perfectly with the photos I used last year on our cards.

I like to be sure that I incorporate all the elements for both holidays in my well wishes for the season. Not only is Basic Invite awesome for creating your cards it also is prime for making party invitations. Truthfully as an entrepreneur I don’t get to experience the joys or dread of the office holiday party, so I find that I am always longing for one as December wears on. How great would it be if someone could send me a pretty invite to some lavish soiree complete with eggnog and tinsel? Ughh that’s my holiday wish; snow and and a fabulous Christmas Eve party invitation. And you can bring your little ones in on the fun because they do kids holiday party invitations too!

The Hautemommie - A Mama Keeping Chic In Everything!The Hautemommie - A Mama Keeping Chic In Everything!The Hautemommie - A Mama Keeping Chic In Everything!The Hautemommie - A Mama Keeping Chic In Everything!

As the year winds down I also like to think about all the people that have been a help to me throughout the year. Sending notes to say thank you or simply acknowledging how they made my year even better, is a wonderful way to close it out. Basic Invite helped me create some note cards that are not only beautiful but on brand. Which is key when you’re running a business. Be that a blog, an e-commerce site, or if you’re just in need of sending a note from time to time, having personalized stationary is the way to go.

The Hautemommie - A Mama Keeping Chic In Everything!

Another great tip, why not think about gifting someone stationary? Basic Invite can help create personalized notes for someone else as well. That seems like such a thoughtful gift, right? Perhaps for the friend who just scored a new job or a promotion. I know I’d be pretty impressed if I opened a box of that on Christmas morning.

The Hautemommie - A Mama Keeping Chic In Everything!

Do you send holiday cards? What’s a way that you adult during the holiday season, share with me! And don’t forget to head to Basic Invite if do decide to grow up this year, hahaha.


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