What Inspired Me To Become An Entrepreneur

Calling yourself an entrepreneur seems to be a new fad, everyone wants to be their own boss, because it sounds fun. The truth is behind the boss babe hashtags, empowerment brunches, and millennial pink instagram accounts being an entrepreneur takes more. Actual businesses have to run and money needs to be made. I’ll tell you what inspired me to become an entrepreneur, because sometimes hearing about someone else’s journey can help you on your own.

Fashion blogger Hautemommie talks about what made her choose the entrepreneur life.
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How To Elevate The Polka Dot Trend

Unless you never pick up a magazine and only scroll Instagram once a week then you’ve probably noticed that polka dots are trending. With every season comes the print that we can’t seemingly live without. The test here is always deciding whether or not you’ll indulge but also how. It isn’t bad to jump feet

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The Return of Casual Chic

Everything makes a come back; trends, styles, even exes from time to time. For me lately my wardrobe has been a return to casual chic. Meaning I’ve put off buying overstated items because I know that they won’t get worn or because they simply don’t fit into my life right now. Let’s be honest while

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Rediscovering Your Style in Your 30s

I read a book a few years ago when I was struggling to  develop a sense of style. It asked loads of questions, gave examples of people to look at, and ultimately gave you a look to live by. After taking all the quizzes and following the questions I discovered that your girl was a

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