My Favorite Things: A Holiday Gift Guide

I‘ve been going round and round with creating a gift guide, largely because I feel like bloggers do them every year and eh, I’m not impressed. They’re a lot of work and who knows if they are really valuable? However, rather than trying to pin down four to five guides with 7-10 items for your best friend or your husband, I figured I’d do you one better. I guide you to things to you for gifts that I love to buy. Keep reading for a list of great presents anyone you love, would want to have.

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Dionne Taught Me.

Dionne Davenport is a fashion goddess, still twenty some odd years later, the Clueless character is inspiring style. While the fallen star who played her isn’t who she used to be, it’s fine because the fashions were always the real star anyway. Dionne was the beloved, rich, gorgeously chic friend of Cher in Clueless, but really

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The Perfect Pair: Leopard & Plaid

There are neutrals and then there are “neutrals.” When I say the latter you may wonder, are there? But the answer my dear fashion friend is yes, indeed. I am a self-proclaimed neutral lover. You can count on me to wear all manner of blacks, greys, and tans. But the key to donning such colors

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