The One Thing No One Talks About When It Comes To Motherhood & Entrepreneurship

For those you who have been following this blog for any amount of time or know me, then you’re familiar with my story. At 23 I became a mother, I was the only parent among my friends and had also recently relocated back to Los Angeles. I learned firsthand that sometimes being a mom can be very isolating. Compounded with being an entrepreneur, and whew chile – it is a lot. There’s one thing no one talks about when it comes to motherhood and entrepreneurship. Rather than just talk around or ignore it all together, I want to dive in.

Hautemommie discusses the one thing that no talks about when it comes to motherhood and entrepreneurship. More on!

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3 Ways To Fight Comparing Yourself To Others

We all do it, look at someone else and think, “I wish I could just be as good as them.” Without knowing the person’s full background, what they’ve gone through, or the fight they had to put up to get where they are. It’s natural to see the highlights someone else is sharing and be

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How To Give Biker Shorts A Classy Touch

The year was 1983, throngs of people were donning lycra and spandex outside of the gym, complete with bags that hung around their waists and oversized sweatshirts. Fast forward nearly 35 years and I find myself checking the calendar to be sure that it does indeed read 2018. They say that history always repeats itself

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Wild Wild Western Chic

As trends come and and go the thing that will always be most important to me is maintaining a sense of chic, because it can so easily be lost when you’re trying to keep up. Lately fashion has embarked on a new frontier, all things Western and while I may not be donning a ten

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