One Phrase That Has Helped Me Cope With The Pandemic

We’re now in day 150-something of the shutdown and the onset of the pandemic. Since March we’ve all been working hard and hardly playing. It certainly has taken its toll. Those of us who were used to working from home are now questioning our relationship to work and home. For a while I was super motivated and felt like all was well for me. Then it set in that we likely wouldn’t be emerging from these enforced cocoons for quite sometime. I found working endlessly started to become draining. I knew I needed something to help me get by as this situation continued. Thankfully I’ve had a continual cohort to support me, my very good friends from college. We speak daily via text, aim to chat weekly on Facetime, and exchange posts throughout the day on Instagram. This has kept me motivated during this sad time. Combined with that there has been one phrase that has helped me cope with the pandemic. Keep reading to find out!

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