Do These 3 Things To Make Getting Dressed Easier

Before I understood style and discovered that fashion was more than trends or what I saw in magazines, I tried everything. As in whatever I saw in the store and liked — I bought. No rhyme, no reason, just vibes. It meant that I had a magpie’s closet worth of crap that I tried to make work. But I’ll be honest it was really hard to feel good about my closet for longer than a few months at a time. And that my lovelies is no way to get dressed. Constant frustration with my wardrobe made getting dressed difficult, stressful, and ultimately, not fun. Especially for a person who supposedly loves style and fashion. It took a lot of years but I have managed to change that by building a wardrobe that works. Do you want getting dressed to be easier? Use these 3 simple rules!

Having a hard time getting dressed in the morning? Try these 3 simple rules that can help you get dressed easier! More on

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