Adulting & Holiday Cards With Basic Invite

*This post is written in partnership with Basic Invite; all thoughts and reviews are my own*

Last year was the first year I felt like an actual adult, because I sent out holiday cards. I’m talking full on photo shoot to make it happen. Though it was a lot at six months pregnant – I loved it. Now I’m thinking I may go full on Kris Jenner and do this every year! No matter how hard you’re judging me right now, the truth is everyone loves to receive snail mail that isn’t a bill or junk. Thanks to Basic Invite adulting and the holidays can be done easy!

The Hautemommie - A Mama Who Keeps Chic In Everything

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Paris Feels In California

Have you ever felt you’re longing for someplace you’ve been to before? Lately I’ve been feeling this pull toward Paris so much it’s almost strange. Like I can feel the air around the Siene, I can taste the croissants fresh from the oven, and smell the wafts of crepes being made street side. My trip

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African Inspired Menswear

I‘ll let you in on a little secret, I shop in the men’s section often. There is something about men’s clothes that obviously touch on the androgynous parts of my style and bring a hint of masculinity to many looks. Whether it’s a coat, a sweatshirt, or a pair of pants I can more than

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Why Blogging Is More Valuable Than Instagram

The past couple of years I’ve noticed a trend I’ve found alarming. Alarming may be drastic but it is definitely interesting. With the advent of Instagram “microblogging” has taken over and given some content creators the idea that there is no need to maintain their own websites. In their minds Instagram is enough. However, as

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